Forest, frst, t like teamwork

intimately linked to our historical trail, they archive, they forest vegetation, they oaks

“Forest, frst, t like teamwork” proposes a critical approach to the phenomenon of  Europe-wide deforestation focusing particularly on Romania’s primary forests, with the aim to raise awareness on the interrelation of fast furniture consumption and deforestation. This work began in September 2020 reflecting on Mihai Oroveanu’s Archive, a photographic collection of Romanian industrial and natural landscapes from the 20th century. An inaugural visual poem was conceived for Salonul du proiecte in Bucharest, interweaving facts on destruction of primary forests and industrial production, while introducing commons as a way of working in times of climate change.

The visual poem was exhibited in four large silkscreen prints. The pigments were extracted from discarded Ikea furniture, notably a table, using waste-papers for the print-run. The texts were designed in resonance with shapes of valleys and trees depicted in Oroveanu’s archive. The work continues with field research and photographic experiments. Together with a team of biologists and activists, the effects of deforestation and industrial exploitation in the Carpathians and elsewhere in Europe are observed, documented and put into further context.

The hexagonal cell structure from the innards of a discarded Ikea table is used as a support for archival prints from Mihai Oroveanu’s collection.

The work in process is being co-produced with Cristina Moreno Garcia (research), Grigore Liteanu (silk screen printing, pigment production), Isabel Motz (design) and Leia Walz (scenography).

Solo Exhibitions


Group Exhibitions

  • Dinge, die wir voneinander ahnen, 2021 Badischer Kunstverein Curated by: curated by Larissa Agel, Damir Arsenijevic, Anja Casser, Yvonne Fomferra, Leyli Gafarova, Michaela Geboltsberger, Veronika Janatková, Anna Karpenko, Eva Khachatryan, Serhiy Klymko, Georg Schöllhammer, Raluca Voinea, ZIP Group
  • 4th Kyiv Biennial, 2021 Curated by: curated by East Europe Biennial Alliance