12 650 000

was printed for the exhibition "Data Recovery" at GAMeC Bergamo in 2008

Few will be acquainted with the mammoth, inert and indestructable concrete thing (for lack of a better word) weighing 12,650,000 kilograms and located in Berlinʼs Schöneberg district, despite it being registered as a historical landmark since 1995. Susanne Kriemannʼs 12 650 000 addresses this ʻSchwerbelastungskörperʼ (heavy-load-testing structure) built in 1941 as part of Albert Speerʼs plan for Berlin as ʻWorld Capital Germaniaʼ and in order to assess the weight-bearing capacity of the cityʼs sandy ground. In nearly all her projects, Kriemann decodes buildings and other large structures as physical embodiments of ideology and forgotten meaning. She interpolates them with a view to their social suggestiveness in order to bring out the paradoxes they incorporate.

  • Editor
    Susanne Kriemann
  • Designer
    Susanne Kriemann
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    self-published / Gamec Bergamo
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