Zerrissene Gesellschaft. Ereignisse von langer Dauer

Centre de la photographie Genève, CH


Curated by Anne König und Jan Wenzel

Andrzej Steinbach, Paula Bulling, Anne König, Susanne Kriemann, Matthias Hoch, Christoph Schäfer, Harald  Kirchner, Nicolas Giraud, Bertrand Stofleth, Christiane Eisler & Silke Geister, Christian Lange, Jürgen Nefzger;

How can economic  processes be conveyed in images? In the 1920s Sergei Tretyakov, one of the most influential authors of the Soviet avant-garde, wrote that the modern world was becoming possible to describe not from the point of view of each human being, but taking economic processes as the starting point. Instead of considering the biographies of people, it was the biographies of things that had to be taken into account. If things were traced on their path towards the world, from their status as raw material to their incarnation as goods, human relationships, points of contact, contradictions and conflicts would be far more intelligible.