The Language of Things

Matter, material and materiality have acted both as points of departure and subjects of artistic production since the 1960s. While for example Minimal Art focused on the specific characteristics of the used material, today’s phenomena of digitization bring about a new tension between materiality and immateriality that is reflected in contemporary art practices. With works from the contemporary art collection and the Federal Art Archives this show highlights the thingness of the exhibited objects in order to read between the lines of material languages.

With works by Franz AMANN, Carl ANDRE, John M ARMLEDER, Richard ARTSCHWAGER, Josef BAUER, Thomas BAUMANN, Julien BISMUTH, Andy BOOT, Herbert BRANDL, Gilbert BRETTERBAUER, Cäcilia BROWN/Wilhelm KLOTZEK, Andy COOLQUITT, Andreas DUSCHA, Judith FEGERL, Robert FILLIOU, Dan FLAVIN, Andreas FOGARASI, Kerstin VON GABAIN, GELATIN, Julian GÖTHE, Manuel GORKIEWICZ, Franz GRAF, Eva GRUBINGER, Michael GUMHOLD, Robert F. HAMMERSTIEL, Gregor HILDEBRANDT, Benjamin HIRTE, Anna JERMOLAEWA, Donald JUDD, Barbara KAPUSTA, Jakob Lena KNEBL, Roland KOLLNITZ, Brigitte KOWANZ, Susanne KRIEMANN, Sonia LEIMER, Anita LEISZ, Inés LOMBARDI, Constantin LUSER, Dorit MARGREITER, Ralo MAYER, Adam McEWEN, Robert MORRIS, Marlie MUL, Ulrike MÜLLER, Walter OBHOLZER, Lisa OPPENHEIM, Rudolf POLANSZKY, Rosa RENDL, Gerhard RICHTER, Valentin RUHRY, Fred SANDBACK, Stefan SANDNER, Stefanie SEIBOLD, Tony SMITH, Daniel SPOERRI, Lucie STAHL, Rudolf STINGEL, Zin TAYLOR, Sofie THORSEN, Christoph WEBER, Lois WEINBERGER, Franz WEST, Erwin WURM, Heimo ZOBERNIG, Franz VON ZÜLOW