Attuning One Book

Susanne Kriemann’s first audiobook Attuning One Book (2015) is available online.

Together with Cia Rinne, a Finland-Swedish-born artist and poet, Kriemann has attuned her One Book (2009/2015) by intersecting audio and digital recordings of birds with conceptual readings including excerpts of Dieter Roelstrate’s text “Flight – A Single Scattering of Thought” which was written for One Book in 2009. The original pages of One Book were taken from Vögel vor der Kamera (1961) depicting different types of birds and were printed upon as a part of the 2009 exhibition “Anabasis: Rituals of Homecoming” curated by Adam Budak. The collaboration between Kriemann and Rinne began earlier this year with the salon event Attuning One Book at the Animal Sound Archive of Berlin’s Museum of Natural History within the context of the group exhibition “homecomings: PROJECTIVE SPACE” curated by Cassandra Edlefsen Lasch and Annabelle von Girsewald. Sinkhole is an online publishing project for artists initiated by designer James Langdon.