Spectral Exchange

Public Program initiated and organized by: Matthew C. Wilson



Spectral: of or like a ghost; of or concerning the spectrum. Exchange: a conversation; an economic transaction; to give or receive one thing in place of another (e.g. energy between an organism and its environment).

Tabakalera, the International Centre for Contemporary Culture, is hosting the Spectral Exchangeseminar on November 16 and 17. Artists, curators, researchers and scientists will analyse the relationship between contemporary culture, artistic practices and the electromagnetic spectrum in talks, debates and screenings open to the general public.

Spectral Exchange is an on-going project that takes its structure and content from the non-visible electromagnetic spectrum (infrared, microwaves, and radio to one side of the visible; and ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays to the other). It is first and foremost an interdisciplinary methodological framework to draw out connections between disparate domains of knowledge and practice, bringing together cultural and scientific ways of knowing.