Pochen Multimediale Biennale

Chemnitz, verschiedene Orte


Angela Aux, Martin Bricelj Baraga, Wilhelm Frederking, Thomas Judisch, Jan Kummer, Katja Manz, Grit Ruhland, Rene Seifert, Zimoun, Alabaster Becher, Olaf Bender, Josef Haslinger, Susanne Kriemann, Andrea Lange, Johannes Plank, Michael Saup;

Finally, a biennial is knocking on the gates of Chemnitz: POCHEN. POCHEN will narrate regional stories and regional history in two years rhythm. Each edition of the biennial will focus on a topic which is closely linked to the city, its people, and its past, present and future; and which is strongly linked to its identity.

POCHEN will narrate these stories multimedially: using sound, painting, words, installations and light, audiovisuals, performances and staged. Titled Tage des Aufbruchs – which translates into Days of the Pioneers – the first edition of POCHEN will be dedicated to the Wismut, once one of the biggest uranium mining companies in the world, and the impact it had on the region.