Note di Sguardi

Curated by Giovanna Sarti, Sara Bernshausen, Gino Gianuizzi

Note di Sguardi is a local and international art project in public space. Conceived by the artist and curator Giovanna Sarti it is realized in collaboration with Sara Bernshausen in Berlin and Gino Gianuizzi in Bologna. As an intervention in public space, “Note di Sguardi” is an artistic experiment to link up the neighborhoods in cities that differ in size and character: Zona1 in Cervia, S. Stefano in Bologna, and Pankow in Berlin.
Every year thirty-six artists, 12 artistic contributions from each city, are asked to select from their photographic archive an image that captures a fleeting moment and has specific meaning within their personal research. In the poster format 70×100 cm, three reproduced images, each from every city, are on display simultaneously for a month in Berlin, in Bologna, and in Cervia.

Note di Sguardi Susanne Kriemann