New York Art Book Fair

Animating Archives in Photobooks
Archives and photography have always had a dynamic relationship and the using of an archive as a narrative structure has been an increasing phenomenon in photobooks in recent years. Archives are often moribund if not banal, but once they are launched into motion by the actions of artists they come alive with almost endless possibilities and permutations. The photo-based artists’ use of the archive is often fragmentary, allusive and at times even poetic. In this session we explore the restructuring of the archive in the work of the artist Susanne Kriemann and the London based group the Archive of Modern Conflict.  Organized by Matthew Carson and moderated and introduced by Bernard Yenelouis.

Susanne Kriemann will talk about her artist books RAY, Ashes and broken brickwork of a logical theory, One Time One Million.

18th of September 2015