Image Ecology

curated by Boaz Levin

C/o Berlin

Images of the impact of the climate crisis reach us daily: flooded valleys and coasts, burnt homes, melting glaciers, devastated industrial landscapes, often taken from a birds-eye perspective. Nevertheless, climate change remains strangely hard to grasp. A new generation of photographers is therefore looking for new ways to address the climate-damaging consequences of a global technical profit-oriented system. For the first time, they are also examining the ecological consequences of photography itself. Photographic images not only show waste, but produce waste themselves. Photography itself consumes resources and does not only depict resource consumption. It presents ecological problems in images, but is itself partly an ecological problem as a network of consumption, labor, energy, material, transport. With a global perspective, the exhibition Image Ecology provides an overview of the current artistic approaches involving the environment and photographic practices that are related to it. The presented works are not only objects of representation but also reflect the ecology of making pictures.