Forest, Frst, t like teamwork

Salonul de projecte, Bucarest

The third artistic intervention in the EXPO_01_BUC_ARH_SP.PUBLIC exhibition proposes a critical approach to the phenomenon of deforestation, from the viewpoint of artist Susanne Kriemann. For this occasion, she has realised a visual essay that will be distributed to the public free of charge, produced by means of silk screen printing, which in this case employs a pigment extracted from fragments of discarded Ikea furniture. The ballad combines information from various sources: lines from poems and folk rituals interspersed with quotations from local and international press and academic articles, which discuss the future prospects of Romania’s virgin forests in the European context. The texts are accompanied by a selection of images from the Mihai Oroveanu Image Collection, which present idyllic forests untouched by human hand and, by contrast, the lumber industry in Romania at the beginning of the twentieth century. These photographs point to a connection with the current situation, in which we are witnessing large-scale illegal logging over vast forested areas of the Carpathian Mountains, a process driven by the European market’s demand for raw lumber, a market dominated by the economic interests of giants such as the Inter Ikea Group.
The work in process is co-produced with Cristina Moreno Garcia (research), Grigore Liteanu (silk screen printing, pigment production) and Isabel Motz (design).