Elymus Repens – A proposal by Lucile Bouvard

Bar Babette, Berlin


Silva Agostini & Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld, Kathrin Sonntag, Benjamin Busch & Lorenzo Sandoval, Alice Corey, Susanne Kriemann, Graham Kelly & Adrien Missika, Saâdane Afif & Lin May Saeed, Emmanuelle Castellan & Maik Schierloh, Marie Reinert & Hagen Schümann, Philip Newcombe

“Elymus Repens” gathers Berlin-based artists who have created off spaces in order to initiate dialogue and give visibility to the works of other artists. It focuses on their works as well as on their roles as curators, initiators, or art activists. The artists have each been solicited to invite another artist, who they have previously shown or want to show.

Reflecting the city’s dynamic art scene as well as a subjective point of view, the selection of spaces and initiatives presented include new and long-established, currently operating off spaces, but also those no longer existing that have played an integral role in the city’s artistic landscape.